BUCHANAN, Wis. (August 10, 2023) – In an already-standout season, Sawyer Effertz made more history on Thursday night in capturing the Red, White, and Blue State Championship at Wisconsin International Raceway. By taking the overall Blue Race win, Effertz grabbed the overall wins in all three legs of the series, completing a sweep.

With his win in the second 33-lap Blue Race feature presented by Appleton Breakfast Rotary Club, Effertz was able to take three of the six features in the Red, White and Blue series presented by Ken’s Sports and Lamer’s Motor Racing.  It also helped him take over the Fox River Racing Club point lead with three weeks to go in 2023.

The first Schmitty’s Tickets Super Late Model feature saw an incredible finish as Jesse Oudenhoven nipped Jordan Thiel by 0.007 seconds at the checkered flag.

Thiel took an early lead after a side-by-side battle with Brent Strelka.  By lap six Thiel was clear and began to build a lead.  At that point Oudenhoven was on the move, looking for Fourth by lap eight.  Oudenhoven caught Grant Griesbach just as Griesbach was ready to challenge Strelka for Second on lap 13. Both worked past Strelka, who would lose a right rear tire one lap later bringing out the caution.

On the restart Thiel was able to get away and Oudenhoven immediately took Second from Griesbach. The lead duo stepped away, with Thiel holding an advantage over Oudenhoven.  Oudenhoven eventually was able to challenge and get to the inside of Thiel, but a caution fell for a melee in turn three at lap 25. The incident collected Andy Monday, Grant Griesbach, Braison Bennett, Effertz and Jeff VanOudenhoven. Bennett and Effertz were allowed to take their spots back as they were considered not to be the causes of the caution.

It brought an unfortunate end to a rough day for VanOudenhoven, who earlier in the night had the throttle stick on his primary car during qualifying. His team scrambled to get the back up car to the track, but the incident would end their day.

Again Thiel and Oudenhoven stepped away to settle the score at the drop of the green. Oudenhoven worked the inside line in the final laps of the race, but Thiel held an advantage each lap. That was until the white flag when Oudenhoven took the lead at the line.  Despite Thiel taking the lead on the backstretch, Oudenhoven got a perfect run out of four to the checkered flag and the first feature win. Lowell Bennett was Third, Maxwell Schultz was Fourth, and Effertz was Fifth.

The second 33-lap feature got off to a shaky start when the field bunched up coming out of four. The effect led to Schultz getting sideways in front of the field and Michael Anthony with nowhere to go but into the right front of Schultz’s machine.  Anthony was sidelined and Schultz nursed his machine throughout the feature.

On the second attempt Kyle Calmes and Effertz took off into the top two spots from the outside line.  Effertz quickly went to work on Calmes and slipped to the inside to grab the lead early on. Shortly afterward, Bennett and Oudenhoven climbed into the Top Four.

Effertz built his lead in the first third of the race before Bennett took Second and began to close in. Oudenhoven soon followed to Third, but had a lot of ground to make up to catch the lead two.

As the laps clicked off, Bennett closed the gap on Effertz. He was to his bumper by lap 19 and began to challenge.  Although it looked like it would come down to those two, Oudenhoven began to surge. In the final five laps he was on the bumper of Bennett.

Oudenhoven attempted to go to the high line to make a run, but could not find the momentum to challenge Bennett.  Bennett then took a couple of looks to the outside of Effertz, but he also did not have enough to mount a challenge for the lead. Effertz went on to take the win, Bennett was Second, Oudenhoven was Third, Griebach Fourth and Thiel Fifth. 

Due to his fast time earlier in the night, Effertz scored the overall win by a slim three-point margin over Bennett and Oudenhoven, who tied for Second.


Brian Henry got the monkey off his back by picking up the Fox City’s Towing Blue Race win with a late-race pass on Todd Verhagen. Henry almost double dipped, but JJ Vanderloop scored the Red, White, and Blue title by one single point in the division.

Todd Verhagen secured the early lead as Brian Monday and TJ Spierowski quickly slipped into Second and Third. Henry was not far behind in Fourth.  As the first half of the race elapsed, Verhagen build a large lead with Spierowski looking to move past Monday. He was able to do so on lap seven.

The first caution fell on lap 12 for a spin by Jason Vandenberg. Verhagen took the lead from Spierowski on the restart with Henry quickly taking Second away.  Henry then wasted no time trying to capture the lead from Verhagen. However, another spin on lap 14 brought out another caution.

Verhagen had the inside line for the restart, helping him hold off Henry at the drop of the green.  Henry reset and filed into Second. He was preparing to challenge again when another caution fell for an incident involving Matt Wittman and Brent Strelka.

With just two laps to go, the field prepared for a single-file restart. Henry kept close to Verhagen, looking for his chance. That came exiting turn four coming to the white flag. Henry slipped to the inside and was able to surge ahead. He secured the lead by exit of turn two, and cruised to the win. Verhagen settled for Second, Spierowski was Third, Vanderloop was Fourth, and Monday was Fifth.


In his select Novus Auto Glass Super Stock appearances, TJ Smith had been a threat, but hadn’t visited Victory Lane. That changed in the 20-lap main on Thursday night as Smith took the win in the Blue Race.

Clint Evans secured the overall Red, White and Blue Championship for himself and his teammate Tony Wilz.

Cody Vanderloop secured the lead early in the feature with Randy Theimer grabbing Second. Smith quickly made his move past Theimer into the runner-up spot, then set his sights on Vanderloop.

As the laps clicked off, Smith put the pressure on Vanderloop. He found his chance as Vanderloop approached lapped traffic on lap 13. Smith drove deep into turn three. The bold maneuver resulted in him taking the lead and building an advantage.

Smith set sail to the win with Vanderloop holding Second. George Schwalbach outdueled Theimer for Third, and Trevor Howard was Fifth.


Kasey Vanderloop flexed his muscle in the 20-lap Wisconsin Sport Truck feature, scoring a win in the Blue Race by holding off his brother Cody and teammate Jason Vanhandel. However, Vanhandel captured the Red, White, and Blue crown with his Second Place finish.

The start of the race saw Landon Braatz build a strong advantage over the field as Kasey Vanderloop was on the move. Vanderloop used the outside line to grab Second by lap five and set his sights on Braatz.

Four laps later Kasey Vanderloop caught Braatz and swept past into the lead.  As he built an advantage the yellow fell for an incident between Brady Vanderloop and Tanner Fickel. Three more yellows slowed the pace of the feature, but set up a restart with three to go that saw Kasey Vanderloop ahead of Cody.

On the restart Kasey jumped away and Cody lunged to challenge entering turn one. Unfortunately for Cody, the back end of his truck came around, setting him into the spin cycle.  That set up a final restart with Kasey Vanderloop now followed by Jason Vanhandel, and Vanderloop getting away for the final three laps. Vanhandel was Second, Jason Plutz was Third, Braatz Fourth and Brady Vanderloop rounded out the Top Five.


Gavin Klein was able to hold off a late-race effort by Jordan Fickel to win the 20-lap Roundabout Bar & Grill Sizzlin’ 4 feature. Fickel was able to secure the Red, White and Blue Championship for himself and his brother/teammate, Justin.

Cody Vandenberg took the early lead and watched as traffic scrambled from Second on back.  Eventually it was Klein making a bold move on lap six. Klein split through Cory Lorrigan and Jacoby Pollei to go three-wide and take Third on lap six.

Klein then went on the attack. He slipped past Logan Mahoney to take Second. Three laps later he stormed past Vandenberg on the outside to take the lead. As Klein moved to the top spot, Jordan Fickel moved through the field as well. He took Second on lap 11.

As the laps dwindled, Fickel closed in on Klein.  On lap 18 Fickel looked inside Klein. The leaders made contact, but were able to straighten it out. Klein escaped and held on for the win over Fickel. Eli Schommer stormed through the field in the second half of the race to finish Third, Ben Schultz was Fourth, and Vanderberg finished Fifth.


Ethan Beattie led the entirety of the 13-lap Marty Nussbaum Racing Figure 8s on the way to his third win of the year.  The Red, White and Blue title was up for grabs in this one, but Mike Meyherhofer was able to secure the title by taking a Third Place finish.

Beattie wrestled the lead away at the drop of the green and was able to outpace Matt Bauer, who kept close tabs on him throughout the race.

Behind them, it was Meyerhofer making moves, first past Craig Krueger then past Jordan Gracyalny in the final five laps. The move helped him secure the RWB title by five points over Beattie and Bauer. 


Just three weeks remain in the 2023 Fox River Racing Club season with Championship battles heating up. ProAmpac presents the action next Thursday, August 17. The Super Late Models, Late Models, WIR ¼-Mile Late Models, Super Stocks, Wisconsin Sport Trucks, Sizzlin’ 4s, and Figure 8s will be in action. Racing begins at 6:30.