BUCHANAN, Wis. (August 17, 2023) – It wasn’t the first time Braison Bennett scored a Fox River Racing Club feature, but it may have been one of the most meaningful.

Bennett won his first Schmitty’s Tickets Super Late Model 35-Lap Feature at Wisconsin International Raceway Thursday Night as a driver/car owner.  He also outran his legendary father, Lowell, to score the win on ProAmpac night.

Despite starting on the pole, Bennett had to fight his way to the lead in the main event. Andy Monday secured the lead early with Alex Prunty following him past Bennett into Second by lap four.  Prunty then began to close the gap on Monday and mounted challenges for the lead.

As Prunty closed in, it seemed that Braison Bennett’s machine came back to life. He caught back up to the lead duo and waited to see what might transpire.  As Prunty looked inside, Monday tried to hold him off. That left the outside open for Bennett to slip past both and into the lead on lap seven.

After Braison took the top spot, Lowell Bennett began his run toward the front. He took Second on lap 12 and looked to close in on his son to battle for the lead.  A spin on lap 13 by Josh Butler brought a restart with Braison and Lowell in the front row.

Braison got away from Lowell on the restart and began to build his lead. Lowell was left to deal with Alex Prunty in a battle for Second. Meanwhile, point leader Sawyer Effertz was climbing into the Top Five. On lap 23 Prunty got to the inside of Lowell Bennett to challenge for Second and Effertz took Fourth from Monday.

A seven-lap side-by-side battle erupted between Prunty and Lowell Bennett for the runner-up spot. Prunty finally grabbed the position with five laps remaining. By this point, Braison Bennett had built a strong advantage and carried it to the checkered flag.

Prunty came home Second, Lowell Bennett Third, Effertz Fourth, and Monday rounded out the Top Five.


The motto of the #56 Fox City’s Towing Late Model may just become “next man up.” With Nate Van Wychen still sidelined, Jason Vandenberg stepped in and scored a win in the 20-lap feature on Thursday night.

Vandenberg outdueled fellow front-row starter Zach Prunty and cruised to a healthy win over the rest of the field.

The front row scrapped for the lead for the first two laps of the race in a side-by-side battle. Behind them, Matt Wittman was getting ready to make it a three-car affair. However, Todd Verhagen got into Wittman, sending him spinning. Verhagen invoked the gentleman’s agreement, and Wittman was given his spot back for the restart.

Once again, a side-by-side battle for the lead erupted between Vandenberg and Prunty. Vandenberg proved to be very strong on the exit of turn two.  On lap four he secured the lead and over the next three laps built it.

As Vandenberg continued to flex his muscle up front, Prunty was left to deal with TJ Spierowski in a dispute for Second. Spierowski eventually took the spot from Prunty on lap 14, but by then Vandenberg had built an insurmountable lead.

Vandenberg set sail to the win, Spierowski was Second, Prunty Third, Scott Wolf was Fourth and Bryan Monday finished Fifth.


The twin 15-lap Pete’s Auto WIR ¼-Mile Late Model features were won by Tim Baumann and Ty Fietzer.  Baumann also set fast time on the evening.

In the first feature Russ Lorbiecki took the lead early until a spin on lap three.  On the restart Lorbiecki was left to deal with Braison Bennett, who took the lead. Baumann followed on the outside to take Second on lap four.

Bennett and Baumann stepped away from the field, with Baumann keeping close tabs on the leader for the entire second half of the race. With two laps to go, Baumann looked to make his move by going high. After he was turned away, Baumann took a look to the inside after the white flag. He as able to get the preferred line and nipped Bennett at the line for the win in the first feature. Lorbiecki, Dan Thomson, and Rick Spoo rounded out the Top Five.

The second feature was a battle to the checkered flag between young Ty Fietzer and veteran Rick Spoo. In the end Fietzer was able to hold off Spoo for his second win of the season.

Fietzer took an early lead from Bob Duchow. After a spin by Duchow, Fietzer then had to outduel Henry Neerdaels on the restart. Fietzer got away again and survived another restart with Spoo in close proximity.

As the race rolled on – much like the first feature – Spoo stayed on the tail of Fietzer. Fietzer was able to stand his ground and would not let Spoo slip to the inside line. After the white flag, Spoo tapped the tail of Fietzer, who was able to make the save as Spoo backed out.  Fietzer held on for the win, Spoo was Second, Neerdaels was Third, Thomson Fourth, and Baumann Fifth.


Cody Vanderloop scored a large win in the Stan the Man Memorial just two weeks ago. He was able to find the checkered flag again this week in the 20-lap Novus Auto Glass Super Stock feature.

The race got off to a wild start with a couple of early incidents. Eventually a third restart saw Emery Beattie and Vanderloop in the front row.  Vanderloop was able to jump away and bring Rachel Evans into Second.

Another third yellow on lap three came with a single-file restart. Vanderloop and Rachel Evans were able to escape the field. Behind them fast qualifier Josh Mueller made a move and took Third.  He got his chance to battle with the top two after the yellow fell for Beattie on lap 11.

Once again, Vanderloop proved to be strong, but Rachel Evans remained close.  The lead trio, including Mueller, broke away until the final yellow fell with five laps remaining.

On this restart, Evans hounded Vanderloop. Despite getting to his bumper, Evans was unable to make the pass. Vanderloop ran away and scored his second win of the season. Rachel Evans was Second, Mueller Third, George Schwalbach Fourth, and Trevor Howard slipped back into the Top Five after an early incident.


The second half of the Wisconsin Sport Truck season has seen a surge from Jason Vanhandel. Vanhandel took advantage of an incident between Kasey and Cody Vanderloop, taking the lead and not looking back on the way to his third win of the season.

The initial start fell by the wayside after a melee in turn three that left a majority of the field either spun or scrambling. Only Jason Plutz was unable to continue.  The following restart left Tanner Fickel on the point and he secured an early lead.

Cody and Kasey Vanderloop climbed through the field early and took the top two spots by lap four. Behind them Landon Braatz was in Third and Vanhandel in Fourth. Two laps later Vanhandel grabbed Third.

As the 20-lap feature neared halfway Kasey started to scout lines around his brother.  On lap ten Kasey peeked inside heading into turn one, but Cody went for the same plot of real estate. The two made contact and both spun.  Kasey tapped out to indicate the gentleman’s agreement, giving the lead back to Cody.

On the restart, Cody was able to hold off Vanhandel. However, as the race rolled on, Cody Vanderloop appeared to lose power down the straights, possibly an effect of the spin. Vanhandel captured the lead on lap 15 then ran away to the win. Braatz took Second, Kasey Vanderloop raced his way back to Third, Logan Mahoney was Fourth, and Kylee Vandermoss was Fifth.


Coming off a week where brother Jordan Fickel secured the Red, White and Blue Championship for their team, Justin Fickel put the #47 back into the winner’s circle in the 20-lap Roundabout Bar and Grill Sizzlin’ 4 feature.

Derrek Schallie took an early lead in the feature and looked to stretch out his lead. However, Fickel was took advantage of an inside-second-row starting spot to grab Second early and keep pace with Schallie. Fickel moved past Schallie on lap six and built his lead.

As the race hit halfway, Gavin Klein was the car on the move. Just as he was about to take Third, a spun car halted in the middle of turns three and four. Klein made contact, ramping into the air. Mitch Opsahl ended up under Klein in the incident as well. Both drove away, but Klein’s night was over. Opsahl was deemed in attempt to avoid and given his spot back.

Fickel was able to run away on the restart, leaving Schallie to settle into Second. Eventually Schallie was challenged by Opsahl, but did not give up the spot. Opsahl settled for Third, Shane Schwaller was Fourth, and Larry Gintner was Fifth.


Matt Bauer powered past Josh Anthony on lap nine of the 13-lap Marty Nussbaum Racing Figure 8 feature and sped away to the win.

Jordan Gracyalnly led the first half of the race that was paused by two spins.  On the second restart Josh Anthony was able to take the lead from Gracyalny who had slowed.  He was followed by Bauer. Eventually another caution fell and left the two on the front row for the restart.

Bauer was able to keep close tabs on Anthony and wrestled the lead away on lap nine.  He held strong to the end, leaving Anthony and Russ Lorbiecki in his rear view mirror at the checkered flag. Tyler Vanderbloemen was Fourth and Mike Meyerhofer Fifth.


Just two weeks of Fox River Racing Club action remain in the 2023 season. The Super Late Models will honor the first FRRC Champion, Rich Somers, in next week’s action. The Late Models, WIR ¼-Mile Late Models, Super Stocks, Wisconsin Sport Trucks, Sizzlin’ 4s and Figure 8s will also be in action. Racing begins at 6:30pm.