Latest News

  • Schedule change for Quarter-mile Late Models and V6 Rovals
    To avoid Inner and Outer pit parking issues for the Stan Gracyalny Memorial on August 5th and Blue race on August 12th, we are switching the every other week schedule for these two classes. The Quartermile
  • Attention Super Late Model Teams! White race Tires
    Attention Super Late Model Teams: The White Race this week (July 8) will be a 3 tire show. One of those tires must be an 86.25″ tire from the Racetech inventories. 4th tire must be used
  • Races for June 24 are RAINED OUT
    Due to the forecast for severe storms and heavy rain predicted in the morning and again between 4 and 8 PM, the races are being rained out for tonight. Hope to see you all next week