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  • April 2024 Meeting Agenda
    FRRC April Meeting Agenda 4/22/24LOCATION: Colonial House 7PMSecretary’s ReportTreasurer’s ReportOLD BUSINESS WIR Contract Summary Employee meeting 4/22/24 6PM @Colonial House RWB Update Pit Parking Who to contactInner Pits (Mike Anthony)Outer Pits (Ethan Beattie) Shipping containers Article
  • March 2024 Meeting Notes
    DATE: Monday, March 25, 2024 TIME: 7 pm PLACE: Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom  President Tom Hockers called the meeting to order a 7:00 pm – Secretary’s Report has been posted on our
  • March 2024 Meeting Agenda
    FRRC March Meeting Agenda 3/25/24LOCATION: Colonial House 7PMSecretary’s ReportTreasurer’s ReportOLD BUSINESSWIR Contract SummaryRWB UpdateBODEmployee meeting 4/22/24 6PM @Colonial HouseNEW BUSINESSPit ParkingInner Pits (Anthony)Outer Pits (Beattie)Up coming eventsCar Shows/Parades…. ECTShipping containersTOPICS FROM THE FLOORAdjourn