Pit Parking

2021 Pit Parking Diagram

Update June 14: We revised the parking for Thursdays when Quartermile Lates are with us. We still are managing to fit everyone in on paved stalls so a big thanks to all of our teams for working together to make this work

Update June 2: We had several no-shows for assigned stalls and regulars parking in gravel stalls so we are enhancing the parking map. Any driver assigned a stall and not participating on opening night has lost that assignment and they can park in any of the 17 open stalls available. 5 of those stalls are on gravel. If you have identified as a part time driver, you can now take any open stall. When a driver has made 3 consecutive shows for their class, and is committed to returning for all future shows, we can assign that driver a stall. NO CHANGES FOR RWB PARKING.

Here are the REVISED stalls for 2021. Sincere thank you to Michael Anthony for all the effort and energy he puts in to fit all of us in. With the size of trailers growing, we are challenged to fit everyone in and not block the views of our fans. Stay tuned for some changes to the pit request process in 2022.