April 2024 Meeting Notes

DATE: Monday, April 22, 2024 TIME: 7 pm

PLACE: Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom 

President Tom Hockers called the meeting to order a 7:04 pm

Secretary’s Report has been posted on our website: www. frrc.us . Rob Thomson asked if there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report. If so, please raise your hand or e-mail Secretary Rob Thomson at RobThomson99@gmail.com

Motion to accept made by Andy Monday. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.

-Marty Nussbaum provided the Treasurer’s financial report and talked of the club switching banks. Please see Marty for specific details on numbers. Motion to accept made by Ethan Beattie. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.


-Tom Hockers brought up the 2024 WIR contract.

Has been signed and given back to Dan and Ginger.

  • Employee meeting

Was before the meeting. If anyone you know wants to work with the FRRC please contact the officers.

  • RWB Update

Andy Monday discussed the Budweiser RWB and parts of the deal.

The club is still looking for an additional Blue race sponsor.

  • Pit Parking

Mike Anthony has the inner pits parking

Ethan Beattie discussed the improvements going on in the outer pits.



Please contact the officers if you have an idea of what we should use the container for or the ability to move the containers.

  • WCUB advertising discussion
    • Sarah G discussed the advertising with WCUB for this year.

Voted to continue this advertsing.

-7 Article 5 of the bylaws 2nd vote. Passed for the 2nd time

  • Target percentage is: Super Late Model – 50%, Late Model – 30 %, Street Super Stock – 10%, Wisconsin Sport Trucks – 5% , Figure 8 -3%, Sizzlin 2%. The target is achieved with a season average car count of 16 cars in each class and the distributions will be adjusted by the actual average car count for the season in each class. Section 7. F.R.R.C. championship points accumulated during F.R.R.C. racing events will be awarded to the driver, who must be a member of F.R.R.C..


  • Practice day
    • Saturday, May 4, 2024 10 AM – 4 PM
    • Tuesday Stock Car Practice Begins May 7, 2024 and runs through August 27, 2024. If you want to rent the track please contact Dan VanDaalwyk
  • High School racing- This is something the officers is looking into to fill some of the none Quarter mile late model nights in the future.
  • Dan VanDaalwyk Talked to the club, remember the pit party and that the track is open and to please contact him if you want to rent the track.


-Ed Howard

Discussed the need for everyone to fill out a new direct deposit since we have changed banks this year.

Please promote all the car shows coming up

Timber rattlers in Aug

TVR car show at Hank and Karens

  • Tom Hockers started a discussion on limiting cars in the pits after the races.
    • The club is going to try to limit cars in the pits after the races for safety but also to give room for people trying to leave the pits at the end of the night.
  • Jack Effertz made a motion to end the meeting and it was second by many in the room and the meeting ended