March 2024 Meeting Notes

DATE: Monday, March 25, 2024 TIME: 7 pm

PLACE: Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom 

President Tom Hockers called the meeting to order a 7:00 pm

Secretary’s Report has been posted on our website: www. . Rob Thomson asked if there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report. If so, please raise your hand or e-mail Secretary Rob Thomson at

Motion to accept made by Jacoby Pollei. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.

-Marty Nussbaum provided the Treasurer’s financial report and talked of the club switching banks. Please see Marty for specific details on numbers. Motion to accept made by Micheal Anthony. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.


-Tom Hockers brought up the 2024 WIR contract.

Discussed the meeting

  • RWB Update

Super Late line-up need to contact Micheal Anthony to register

Please be prepared for truck and trail lengths

  • Board Of Directors

Mike Panure said he would like to stay on the BOD

A motion to add a 14th member to the board was discussed. Voted to add a 14th member. Clint Smith was voted in as the new BOD member.

  • Employee meeting

April 22nd at 6 PM at the colonial house in Freedom Wisconsin


-Pit Parking

Michael Anthony (Inner Pits) Ethan Beattie (outer pits) are the club members to talk to about parking

-Events up coming

Car shows, Parades, Sponsor visits. Please share these events to help promote the FRRC out in the community.


Please contact the officers if you have an idea of what we should use the container for or the ability to move the containers.

-7/4 Pro Late Model race

All Star Challenge are coming to make the white race a huge show. Please contact Braisen Bennett if you have questions.

  • Pit gate costs

Discussion about what to charge foe pit fees. $15 for member and $30 for non-members was voted in.


-Lowell Bennett brought up a procedural change: of waving a white flag as a signal for one lap to go before the start or restart of a race. It would not be a big change but it would be very visual. The officers will discuss this with the flag man.

– Larry Raygo discussed Article 5 of the bylaws. Target percentage of eligibles cars for the points fund off of a nightly average instead of club member eligible cars.

Gave examples of Super Lates and the Street Stock numbers

Motion was made to change to average cars per night. 2nd by Michael Anthony and was voted in 45 yes and one no vote. The motion passed

  • Jacoby Pollei made a motion to end the meeting and it was second by many in the room and the meeting ended

** Next meeting is April 22nd Colonial House in Freedom at 7pm