BUCHANAN, Wis. (June 22, 2023) – The dream season continued on Thursday night at Wisconsin International for Sawyer Effertz as he captured his third Schmitty’s Tickets Super Late Model 35-lap feature of the season presented by L&W Supply and the Fox River Racing Club.

Effertz took advantage of an early restart to jump through the Top Five, secured the lead on lap seven, and didn’t look back.

The Super Late Model feature got off to somewhat of a slow start with two early cautions – the first for an incident involving Michael Anthony, the second for a spin involving polesitter Corey Manders.

On the lap three restart Lowell Bennett joined Travis Rodewald on the front row.  Rodewald grabbed the lead from the outside as Bennett looked to fend off some hungry contenders – including Effertz.  Effertz followed Jordan Thiel past Bennett, remained on his outside to take Second on lap six, then shot past Rodewald on lap seven. Thiel followed one lap later into the runner-up spot.

As the top two broke away from the pack Rodewald was left to fend off Braison Bennett.  Bennett made a power move around the outside at halfway to take Third, but by this point Effertz and Thiel were well ahead of the rest of the pack.

Although Thiel kept close pace, he was unable to close the gap on Effertz. Each time Thiel appeared to knock the lead down to a few car lengths, Effertz reached into the reserves and built the lead.

Effertrz went on to pad his point lead with the win, Thiel grabbed his third Second Place finish of the season, Braison Bennett was Third with Andy Monday and Jeff VanOudenhoven making late runs to round out the Top Five.


It was a good night for point leaders on the half-mile as JJ Vanderloop grabbed his second Fox City’s Towing Late Model feature win of the season.  Vanderloop slipped past Todd Verhagen on lap 18 of the 20-lap main event to score the W.

Verhagen took the lead at the drop of the green and built a big advantage over the rest of the pack.  Justin Woller settled into Second and was left to deal with Vanderloop.  At halfway Vanderloop took Second from Woller and set his sights on Verhagen.

Slowly, but steadily, Vanderloop erased the advantage. He was in position to challenge Verhagen on lap 17.  With a run down the backstretch Vanderloop peeked to the inside. Both he and Verhagen wanted the line, causing contact between the two. Both hung on and Vanderloop stepped away with the lead.

Verhagen held enough of a gap to maintain Second, Woller was Third, and Bryan Monday held off Brent Strelka and a host of others to finish Fourth.


Twin 15-lap features for the Pete’s Auto WIR ¼-Mile Late Models were won by Dan Thompson and Henry Neerdaels. Thompson’s win was a first for him in the division.

Thompson seized control of the first feature and paced the field most of the way through. Wayne Posselt took Second on lap nine, then tracked down Thompson. Despite a solid effort in the final three laps, Posselt had to settle for Second.

Pete McVey was Third, Rick Spoo Fourth, and Tim Bauman was Fifth.

Chad Devine grabbed an early lead in the Second feature that saw two restarts for incidents involving Bob Duchow and Randy Boegh with Braison Bennett.

On the lap four restart Devine got away from Russ Lorbiecki.  Neerdaels slipped by Lorbieki shortly after the restart, then muscled his way past Devine for the lead at halfway.  He was followed by Rick Spoo and Tim Bauman, who were unable to close in and challenge.  They finished Second and Third behind Neerdaels.  Posselt and Thompson charged from the tail of the field to round out the Top Five.


Tony Wilz dominated the 20-lap Novus Auto Glass Super Stock feature, helping him and his teammate Clint Evans close the gap on point leader Dylan Wenzel.

Wilz took the lead from the drop of the green from the outside line and built a strong advantage.  Behind him Jeff Treml and Chuck Gilbertson Jr. settled into the Top Three.

Spots in the Top Five went up for grabs in the final five laps with Trevor Howard, George Schwalbach, Josh Mueller, Cody Vanderloop, and Wenzel pressuring Gilbertson.  Howard got past to take the spot and brough Schwalbach with.  Mueller and Vanderloop made contact  on the final lap, sending both spinning and bringing out the checkered with the caution.

Unchallenged to the end, Wilz took the win, Treml was Second, Howard Third, Schwalbach Fourth, and Wenzel Fifth.


Cody and Kasey Vanderloop met at the front of the Wisconsin Sport Truck 20-lap feature once again.  This time around Cody Vanderloop would survive to take the win.

With teammate Jason Vanhandel leading the field Cody and Kasey Vanderloop settled into Second and Third. On lap 13 Kasey looked to challenge Cody, but made contact which sent Cody spinning. Kasey tapped on his roof, signaling the gentleman’s agreement. Kasey took responsibility for the incident, giving Cody Second back.

After the drop of the green Cody Vanderloop challenged Jason Vanhandel and took the lead. Vanhandel seemed to take the lead back, but a yellow with four to go reverted the lineup to the last completed lap – led by Vanderloop.

The final single file restart saw Cody Vanderloop get away while Vanhandel slotted into Second.  Behind them Logan Mahoney battled with Kasey Vanderloop for Third. Vanderloop got the edge at the end and Masyn Liedke rounded out the Top Five.


Turnabout is fair play. Last week in the Roundabout Bar and Grill Sizzlin’ 4s it was Mitch Opsahl holding off Justin Fickel. This week it was Fickel’s time to reign supreme in the 20-lap main event.

Jeremy Czarapata took the lead on lap two and was followed by Shane Schwaller.  On lap six Fickel, Opsahl, and Gavin Klein had moved toward the Top Five.  Fickel took Second with Opsahl and Klein in tow.

The trio continued their charge on the outside line as Fickel took the lead on lap nine.  Two laps later Opsahl grabbed Second and tried to reel in Fickel. Although he got close enough to challenge, Opsahl settled for Second behind Fickel at the checkered flag. Klein was Third, Czarapata Fourth, and Schwaller was Fifth.


Mike Meyerhofer made an impressive late-race move to score a win in the Marty Nussbaum Racing Figure 8s.  After Josh Anthony inherited the lead from Mitch Opsahl, Meyerhofer went to work.  On lap ten Meyerhofer stormed past Jordan Gracyalny and used the momentum to power past Anthony into the lead.

Nick Ostburg followed into the Second spot, Anthony was Third, Gracyalny Fourth, and Russ Lorbiecki was Fifth.


Les Stumpf Ford presents an early Fourth of July Celebration with fireworks accompanying the Fox River Racing Club action at Wisconsin International Raceway. Big Wheel races for the young fans will also be part of the event. Racing begins at 6:30 pm.