April 2023 Meeting Notes

DATE:       Monday, April 24, 2023                              TIME:  7 pm

PLACE:  Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom

President Tom Hockers called the meeting to order a 7:01 pm

Secretary’s Report: Secretary’s Report has been posted on our website: www. frrc.us . Clint Smith asked if there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report. If so, please raise your hand or  e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at cbsracingclintman@gmail.com

Motion to accept made by Hank Calmes. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.

Marty Nussbaum provided the Treasurer’s financial report. Please see Marty for specific details on numbers. Motion to accept made by Jack Effertz. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.


  • Order of Events:  Brief overview of each; We are sticking with most of the changes from what Rob implemented besides bumping up 4 cylinders up to qualifying after their hot laps.
  • 2023 FRRC Employees: Tom shared that we had a brief meeting prior to this meeting. Need less chatter on the radio….making calls at the caution laps. Ed Howard asked that we thank the employees whenever we can.
  • Containers: railings and steps updates: Railings and Stairs are there; we need some man power: need 12 inch auger for putting in some tubing. Please see Dave V if you are want to help. We would like to have it up and running by opening night.
  • Nightly sponsor updates from Sarah Gilbert: August 3rd night is now covered. Possibly a tentative sponsor for June 3rd. We are down to 2 open nights, possibly only one. Please thank her for all the hard work she has done this year.
  • Audit Committee update: Larry said the update will be given at the first drivers meeting.
  • Read off bylaw changes: Tom read them off again for the second time. They were also listed in last month’s meeting minutes. Motion to accept was made by Jack Effertz . The motion was seconded.  24  Ayes  0 Nays; Motion passed, The updated bylaws will be posted on the website.   
  • Rovals: final decision; It will be a pac-man type of track layout.
  • RWB changes for 2023; posted in the updated order of events
  • No drinking in pits until after figure eight race is over.
  • Age of kids in the pits: Any minor in the pits has to be attended to.
  • Judi Monday has membership cards here tonight for pick up.
  • Practice Test and Tune day is Saturday May 6th, 202: More info. will be posted as the date gets closer.
  • REMEMBER: We would like AS MANY CARS AS POSSIBLE for the May 11th event to promote the club. PLEASE try to make it there this year.


  • We are working on creating a “Usage of FRRC equipment disclaimer.” This would be for traveling series like Tundra, etc. We would not charge for them, but if they are broken, they will be held liable for replacing them (scales, radios, etc.)
  • Tom read off the General Race Procedure changes (ages for sport truck drivers dropped to 12) The requirements are listed at the end of the general procedures.


  • Mike Anthony: Jason told Mike that GoPros are allowed for now, but you may be asked to take them out. One person had traction control in their GoPro down south.
  • Jack Effertz suggested 4 new tires vs 3 new tires. He suggested bringing it up at the first drivers meeting. Mike Anthony mentioned frrc tires will be checked with a durometer. The average of those durometer sizes is what a traveler can bring, Don Oudenhoven mentioned travelers are going to try to get an advantage. A final decision vote can be taken at the first drivers meeting on whether R/W/B will have 3 tires or 4 tires.
  • Extra $$ put into the R/W/B will be given by TJ Lamers. See Mike Anthony for the updated purse amounts per position
  • Tim Baumann asked if the QMLM could up the laps to 20 laps. Tom mentioned that we already finished the order of events and that compared to the SLM top 6 cars, they only get 41 laps, and if we bumped those features up it would be 40 laps. For this year we will stick with 2 x 15 lap features.
  • Jack Effertz asked questions about the new spotter stand and when we will be crossing the spotters. This is why we switch tracks back and forth between ¼ and ½ mile.
  • Jack (Farmer) mentioned we will have a spot for parking extra vehicles for spotters. He also mentioned we need new parking staff for this year. Let him know if you have anyone.
  • Jack Effertz mentioned that they have been asking for 10 years to change the spotters stand and was very thankful. Rob Vandermoss put a lot of time and effort into this. We are naming the spotter stand the Rob Vandermoss spotter stand.  

Motion made to adjourn by Dave Valentyne . The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

President Tom Hockers adjourned the meeting at 7:33pm           

Next meeting will be Monday, September 25th at Colonial House at 7pm