January 2023 Meeting Notes

DATE:       Monday, January 23, 2023                           TIME:  7 pm

PLACE:  Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom

Tom Hockers called the meeting to order a 7:02 pm

Moment of silence for Rob Vandermoss and Terry Van Roy

Secretary’s Report: Clint Smith asked if there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report which was posted on our website: www. frrc.us. If so, please e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at cbsracingclintman@gmail.com

Motion to accept made by Larry MacArthur. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.

Marty Nussbaum provided the Treasurer’s financial report. Please see Marty for specific details on numbers. Motion to accept made by Lowell Bennett.  The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.


  • Additional Nominations taken for the Vice President position: Thus far we have Ed Howard; Rob Thomson and Mitch Heimlich accepting their nominations.

No additional nominations were made.

  • Divisional Rules presentations for the following divisions:

 SLM-Mike Anthony brought up a motion for the SLM rules as discussed after    

 the November meeting. Motion was seconded. A few SLM teams voiced their displeasure with one rule.

             Vote taken: 5 ayes and 7 nays. Motion did not pass.

New motion made by Hank Calmes to accept the proposed rules, but with the only exception of keeping the ACE motor with Southern parts heads with the same weight as last year with the 8,000 chip. Seconded by Sawyer Effertz

11 ayes and 4 nays Motion passed. Rules final and will be posted on the website.

 Sizzlin 4-Mitch Opsahl read off the proposed sizzlin’4 rules changes as voted on at their rules meeting with the 70 series tire for 151 hp or more. Ethan Beattie made a motion. Motion was seconded. 6 ayes and 8 nays. Motion failed.

Mitch made a new motion for the same rules package previously agreed on with the exception of 70 series tire being changed to a 60 series for 151 hp or higher. Motion was seconded.

7 ayes and 7 nays:  Motion did not pass.

Therefore, due to the rules package failing at a previous meeting and 2 more motions failing, the Sizzlin 4 rules will go back to the 2022 rules and only changing the date on top. RULES FINALIZED

QMLM-Dan Watry will be tech inspector; Jim Duchow came up and spoke about some minor changes. Rules will be posted on the website soon. There will be pay increases with $175 to win each feature (2 per night). The Tundra series will be the series first points race. See Jim Duchow for the full series schedule.

Rovals-Rules the same except one small change on window nets. Motion made Henry Neerdahls and seconded.

5 ayes and 0 nays. Motion passed. Rules final and will be posted on the website.

  • BOD update: Scott VH, Joe N, Mike P would like to return for one more year for their respective seats on the BOD and the officers have approved those individuals to retain their seats for one more year. Therefore, the BOD will be the same as last year except for Mitch Opsahl taking over the Sizzlin 4 seat.

Tom thanked Rob Thomson for all the time and effort in his BOD seat in the past.


  • Motion made by Judi Monday to transfer the lifetime membership from Rob Vandermoss to Sandy Vandermoss seconded by Ed Howard   45 ayes 0 Nays. Motion passed.
  • Schedule: Practice session May 6th and season will be May 18th through August 31st (16 weeks)
  • Update on Meeting with W.I.R. about contract. Increase in rent $1400 to $1600 weekly and W.I.R. has all media rights to any streaming or live broadcasting. Also, W.I.R. asked for better representation at the annual pit party (more vehicles) It is the Thursday before the opening week, so 5/11/2023.
  • Containers: railings and steps: Updates on what we need. Both are 8ft x 40ft and 9 and ½ feet high. We are looking for some volunteers to get these finished before the season. Jack Effertz mentioned the big key is getting the spotters back in the pits in between. Volunteers: Jacoby Pollei, Mitch Heimlich and Larry MacArthur.
  • Order of Events-still needs to be discussed. Mike Klein said there was a night where the drivers had to sit in their cars too long. The issue was that safety was in turn ½ that night cleaning up the ½ mile, so it was an oddity. We will make sure we will keep the divisions in the same spot in the order whenever possible. Order of Events is tabled. 
  • Farmer mentioned with the new containers, you won’t have congestion in that area by the hill anymore. He suggested lumber for the decking.
  • Complaints: Driver must have rep. with them. Every Divisional Rep will have a secondary rep. in case the issue involves the primary rep. Primary rep. will pick this individual.
  • Tom mentioned that the officers job is not make the calls. Jeff Treml suggested that anyone who sponsors a car or owns a car should not have the radio on or be making a call on that car.


  • Sawyer Effertz asked why W.I.R. wants media rights. Tom explained it was more for them to make the call on whether it happens or not. They feel like it is up to the media company to make sure we are making a profit. If they can’t prove that, why would anyone agree to it.
  • Hank and Karen’s this summer will be doing a celebration of life for Terry Van Roy. Please keep your eyes peeled for a date. There will be big wheel races and Terry’s trophies will be given to the winners of these races.
  • Jack Effertz suggested more race cars at promo events like the Northsider and Timber Rattlers stadium. The more cars, the better.
  • Marty mentioned that there will be a Terry Van Roy memorial race being planned. Lowell Bennett suggested retiring the #14 for Terry Van Roy. Marty Nussbaum made the motion to retire the #14, seconded by Lowell Bennett.

Ayes: everyone and Nays: nobody

  • Tom Hockers explained that being paid in 2023 will be by direct deposit. Larry MacArthur voiced his displeasure with that.

Motion made to adjourn by Mike Anthony . The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

President Tom Hockers adjourned the meeting at 7:58 pm           

Next meeting (with elections) will be Monday,   February 27th at Colonial House.