Attention FRRC Late Models – Red race update

As may of you may know, the officers have been working on the best way for our club to put on a competitive show for Red race with the situation of having only 1 race in before the Red race (Normally would be 3 races). Our initial proposal to highlight the LM class the week after red race and make that the RWB point race for LM received significant feedback and is being rescinded. The Red race will stay as planned for all classes so we look forward to a great show next week! Thank you for expressing your opinions.

The Officers have further reviewed the tire situation and are applying rule 1.5 (copied below). To keep the competition fair for local drivers (or travelers) that could not make week 1 to impound tires, we have decided to make one exception to the tire rule (Also copied below) since only one race is currently on impounded tires. For the 2021 Red race, if a LM team is not running impounded tire from week 1, they will lose 1/3 of the qualifying points and be required to start in the rear of the field (Slow heat, Semi, and Feature). This is the officer’s decision to post a competitive field of cars and provide the most business benefit to our club.

Again, thank you for providing the positive feedback you did and improving our program.

FRRC Rules are intended to ensure that FRRC sponsored Events are conducted in a manner that is as fair as possible for all Competitors. If there is a dispute regarding the interpretation or application of FRRC Rules, the decision by FRRC Technical Officials, at the Event, is final. If a competitor believes a rule has been improperly applied, they can notify the FRRC Board of Directors (BOD) in writing stating the infraction in question and the reason for concern. The BOD will respond within 1 week of receipt of the concern. There will be a $100 fee charged for an appeal that will be refunded if the appeal is granted.

LLM Rule Four (4) new tires are permitted for the first FRRC racing program of the current year. All
other FRRC racing programs will allow a maximum of one (1) new tire and three (3)
previously impounded tires. All cars must impound 3 warm tires weekly. If racing events are canceled after racing begins a vote of the drivers present at the canceled program will vote on how many new tires will be allowed at the next program. A car that begins a FRRC program using more than the allowed number of new tires will forfeit any qualifying points and money earned, will start the first heat, semi-feature (if scheduled) and feature (by way of transfer) in the rear.
E. Prior to post qualifying weigh in, every car must submit it’s dated