1/2 mile Late Model rules update

The following corrections were made on June 4, 2021

  1. 6.1.2 Other Approved Models Mid American Series and Big 8 cars may compete in the Limited Late Model Division as long as the car is in compliance with all Mid American or all Big 8 Series rules unless an exception is explicitly stated within these rules.
  2. 6.3.3 Rear Spoiler Rear spoiler on all FRRC cars (Excludes MidAM AND Big 8) must be 6.50 inches in height, 60 inches in width and must have a 70 or 90 degree angle. No rudders or forward mounting brackets are allowed. Maximum height from ground to top of spoiler is 41 inches.
  3. 6.7.2 Rear End Only quick-change rear ends with a minimum ring gear O.D. of 10” are permitted. Only fully locked rear ends and open rear ends are permitted. Axle tubes must be steel. Aluminum axle tubes are prohibited. Cambered axle tubes are allowed. (Tolerance ± 1 degree) Aluminum drive plates are permitted. Axles must be steel. Titanium axles are prohibited. 602 crate, B-mod and 604 crate engine packages are allowed a O.D. of 10’ non quick change rear end. They may also use a Ford 9” rear end. Drive plates on spool rear ends must be marked accordingly and marks must line up so tech knows you have a spool.  Spools ONLY in 2021 This rule applies to Big 8 cars also.