April 2021

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DATE:       Monday, April 26, 2021                          TIME:  7 pm

PLACE:  Zoom meeting and also at W.I.R. in Dick Trickle Pavilion for IN PERSON.

President Kurt Schweitzer called the meeting to order at 7:03pm

Secretary’s Report: Clint Smith asked it there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report which was posted on our website: www. frrc.us. If so, please e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at cbsracingclintman@gmail.com

Motion to accept made by Norb Karner. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with “aye” votes.

Marty Nussbaum provided a brief Treasurer’s financial report.  Motion to accept made by              

 Chad Devine. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with “aye” votes

Budget Review (Kurt/Marty/Judi) Kurt explained the President’s budget report to map out month to month P and L, so no major bills get missed. (ex: ordering gate tickets, insurance payments, etc.)


  • Memberships on sale. Price goes up this Friday. Mail in to P.O. Box listed on website and Facebook. Time is running out on the early bird discount membership price of $30 and $50 for a competitor. All memberships go up $25 after 4.30.2021
  • Schedule Review-including Sponsor Updates: Rob read off the nightly sponsor list. There are a few nights open, so if you have any leads, please contact Rob directly. Thank any of these sponsors when you can. Ken’s will do SLM fast time award and 2 x gift certificates for 2 x fans. Fox Cities Towing will sponsor LM fast time award. Andy Monday asked about if we could ever consider a special prize for the R, W and B champion. Kurt explained the money is already allocated in the R, W and B payout.
  • Hank Calmes suggested having people work with folks that do not want the pavilion. Rob explained his process for this, as well as how possible rainouts are handled. .  
  • Pit Parking for 2021 is set. Changes for 2022 Kurt explained that there may be a $50 pit parking fee to reserve a spot for weekly competitors. There may also be a trailer length extra fee for haulers longer 50 feet, as we may be doubling the fee for those. Several members said they paid for a pit fee slab that was supposed to be “for life” in the past. Other options are to park larger haulers outside the inner pits. Sawyer Effertz questioned about their team paying for their own slab, so they asked if this would be an exemption, as it went to track improvement. Andy Monday suggested tabling it, as it is a 2022 discussion anyway. Marty suggested trying to find a company willing to pour more slabs, Topic tabled until fall.   


  • Myracepass:  YOU HAVE TO CLAIM YOUR PROFILE OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE PAID EACH WEEK OR ACCUMULATE POINTS. You will even get a myracepass card that we can scan at the pit gate, which will be your ENTRY. No ENTRY, we cannot guarantee weekly pay. This does NOT cost you any money.

You CAN pay for your membership by paying Marty or through myracepass, but creating a profile does not cost you any money.

E-mail all questions to FRRCPointsPay@gmail.com  and our scoring staff Mike will assist you with his process. We do have a sponsor for the FRRC MyRacePass yearly charges… NorthStar Dental

Team Drivers: we are still testing this on myracepass. Anyone doing team driving needs to contact  Clint Smith BEFORE the first Thursday Night event. May 20, 2021.

Clint will be keeping track of points by paper/pen as a failsafe and comparing it each week to the new system. 

  • Discussion about non-participant rate for pits (youth <15 yrs = $15) Steve Sinclair from K&K Insurance has said that the age limit is our call. Judi suggested that we not solicit minors. Kurt explained that they would have to be with a Member/team. Lots of discussion took place. No motion was made to change the fee. Tabled for now. 
  • WIR Workday Decisions: Date…. This Saturday, May1, 2021…possibilities
  1. Place tire barriers and move foam barriers (Danny already did this) no work order.
  • Finalize and test new scale pads (postponed for now) We have a new company making the platform than we originally thought. So, no work this weekend yet.

Kurt Schweitzer explained that the newest company will do this before May 15th. W.I.R. has agreed to pay half of the $2675 fee to do this. Mike Anthony made a motion that FRRC pay half of the cost of $1,400. Motion was seconded. No additional discussion took place. Most present said AYE and there were no NAYS

  • Air Condition and insulate tire shed (est. $1500 cost) Kurt brought the topic for discussion. Not a lot of support was given for this. Topic was not confirmed as a work order. 
  • Repaint lines on track estimate $300. Several members provided feedback…none of which were in support of this.  Topic was not confirmed as a work order.
  • Paint the walls (possible for work day)
  • Paint Pit Stall Lines est. $100  (Mike Anthony said he has that covered)
  • Paint flag stand (possible for work day)
  • Clean scoring tower (possible for work day)
  • Clean outer pit shack (possible for work day)
  • Looking into more track lighting for cautions, etc. This would be after work day.
  • Introduced Dan Watry as our new inner tech person. ¼ mile LM might be adding an extra inspector. Also an extra tech helper in the outer pits.
  • No personal vehicles in the pits. VERY few exemptions (tech officials, Dave V.) The rule will be no personal vehicles in the pits even after the races…you CAN park on the front stretch.


  • Question about moving the tent on the last night, as it blocks too much and moves several trailers. We are looking at different options than the tent.
  • Circle of Fame ballets (Jerry Schneider) Vote for 6 names out of 15. (The other ones already being inducted are JVO, Rich Bickle, Jr, Jim Duchow, Steve Carlson, Matt Kenseth and Mike Butz.
  • Chad Devine asked about how we will run practice day. We will run it like in past years rotating between ½ and ¼ 
  • Sawyer Effertz made a motion to have a lucky dog in all divisions for 2021. No second to the motion. Motion did not pass.
  • Marty Nussbaum requested and got approved for the club to start getting monthly insurance billings.
  • Marty also has Frisbees for the fans this year.
  • LM and SLM: Marty is donating trophies for dash winners this year. He is suggesting drivers give them to the fans
  • Marty suggested that the FRRC consider officers getting paid in the off season.
  • Marty also mentioned that the Stan Race will be $75 to start the feature.
  • Scott (OX, Tiny) Vandermolen suggested a ventilation fan, instead of an air conditioner in the tire shed..
  • Andy Monday mentioned that there is a shortage on race tires. Not an issue yet, but there might be a race team limit per car.
  • Mike Anthony created a possible safety checklist sheet for practice day on May 8th.

Motion made to adjourn by Dave Valentyne . The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Kurt Schweitzer Adjourned the meeting at:8:26 pm            

Next meeting will be the 4th Monday in September, 2021