March 2021

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DATE:       Monday, March 22, 2021                                    TIME:  7 pm

PLACE:  Zoom meeting and also at Jack Effertz shop for IN PERSON.

President Kurt Schweitzer called the meeting to order at 7.19 pm  (slight delay due to IT technical hiccups)

Secretary’s Report: Clint Smith asked it there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report which was posted on our website: www. If so, please e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at

Motion to accept made by Rob Thomson. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with zoom votes.

Marty Nussbaum provided a brief Treasurer’s financial report.  Motion to accept made by              

Brandon Reichenberger. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with zoom votes


  • BOD nominations and voting takes place: Vote for only 2 names out of 4 on the ballet.

Nominated thus far:

Former Officer: ONLY Dave Valentyne (vote for one)

Business Rep: Ed Howard, Mike Anthony and Mike Panure (vote for one)

Anyone on Zoom: e-mail your vote to: on Monday, 3/22/2021 between 7pm and 7:45pm SHARP.  Any e-mails coming in on Monday, 3/22/2021 before 7pm or after 7:45pm will not be counted.

  • Nightly Sponsor update (Rob)
  • Reminder that we still need drivers to claim their profiles: Divisions Reps, please assist with this.
    • Registration and driver profiles
  • Employment Applications: still looking for a gate worker every week from 5pm to 8pm. Pay is $30


  • We hope to resume a FULL IN PERSON meeting in April for our last meeting before the season starts. Location will likely be the Dick Trickle Pavilion
  • Kurt said Road America has extra tire barriers that we can get and bring to W.I.R. Kurt is asking for volunteers this week, as we can use them for out weekly shows.
  • Kurt also mentioned that we could use some committees and volunteers for these. We are hoping to add an air conditioner in the tire shed as well as the scale area upgrades. Looking for volunteers for a committee on track improvements. No volunteers thus far. Please seek out Kurt if you are interested. Badgerland Demolition will volunteer for the scale improvements.


  • Cody Smiley from Golden Sands Speedway spoke about hoping to have more drivers race at both track to support each other. For the GSS thaw, it will be a full set of divisions. Cody said he is willing to work GSS’s tech to allow FRRC drivers to compete and be as fair as possible with rules. There will no membership fees. Pit gate is $25
  • Jerry Schneider wants to vote for the Circle of Fame candidates for 2021 season. Hoping to do so next month.
  • Steve Parsons will be coming for 3 trophy nights again in 2021
  • Safety Training: Kurt is still working with Kalamazoo on trying to set this up.
  • POWAR Updates…same waiver forms and looking at creating a suspension database or tracks to share with violations at tracks.
  • Final vote tally for the BOD: Dave Valentyne 20 votes for former officer.

Business committee was Mike Panure 12, Mike Anthony 8 and Ed Howard 6, and Bryan Monday 1 write in vote.  Dave V and Mike P will be added to the 2 open BOD seats.

  • Andy Monday shared that for the R, W and B the SLM divers were suggesting pairing the circle of fame with the RWB…45 laps Red, 66 lap white (twin 33’s) and a 88 lap Blue with a break at lap 44. Top 12 by time and last chance qualifiers.
  • Mike Anthony is doing the parking layout again, so please reach out if you haven’t done so yet.

Motion made to adjourn by Hank Calmes. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Kurt Schweitzer Adjourned the meeting at:7:54 pm            

Next Meeting is on Monday,  April 26, 2021 at 7pm and will likely be done IN PERSON at the Dick Trickle Pavilion (weather dependent) We may try zoom, but only as a last resort/back up for folks that cannot attend in person, due to IT issues this month. We are encouraging anyone who CAN to attend the April meeting to do so IN PERSON.