January 2024 Meeting Notes

January 2024 Meeting Notes
 January 23, 2024
DATE: Monday, January 22, 2024 TIME: 7 pm
PLACE: Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom President Tom Hockers called the
meeting to order a 7:00 pm

  • Secretary’s Report has been posted on our website: www. frrc.us . Rob Thomson asked if
    there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report. If so,
    please raise your hand or e-mail Secretary Rob Thomson at RobThomson99@gmail.com
     Andy Monday suggested having 6 to 10 copies of the meeting notes available. It
    was agreed and Rob said he will bring some to the February meeting.
    Motion to accept made by Ethan Beattie. The motion was seconded. No objections were
    made and the motion passed.
    -Marty Nussbaum provided the Treasurer’s financial report and talked of the club switching
    banks. Please see Marty for specific details on numbers. Motion to accept made by Jack
    Effertz. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.
    -Tom Hockers did the second reading of the bylaws.
    Tim Baumann asked what the payout percentages; Tom read off the percentages
    Andy Monday asked for the verbiage change on Article 4 section 6 to read “Pit Passes per
    division raced” Tom agreed to change the wording.
    Bylaws were voted to accept: 27 Yes and 0 no. The bylaws will be changed as read to the club
    -Banquet Recap. Tom discussed the FRRC is going into it’s 50 th year. The FRRC will be working
    with a number of companies to help have apparel available. More information on the apparel
    will be coming.
  • Tom Hockers discussed why the WIR ¼ mile late models were not included in the
    banquet. Tim Baumann and Braison Bennett added to the discussion from the divisional
    driver’s side. At the end of the discussions everyone agreed to have more communication
    going forward.
    *2025 Banquet we are going to try for the second week of January
    -Tom Hockers discussed that the FRRC is going to have Dan Lewis Photography as the nightly
    photographer at the track for the 2024 season. Many of the drivers joined in the discussion. A
    motion was made by Ethan Beattie to approve the track photographer. The motion was
    seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.
    -Rob Thomson talked about how the officers are asking that any minor that is in the pits to
    not be on the racing surface. Discussion was had and other ideas are going to be welcomed
    in future monthly meeting to help improve safety in the pits.

-Sport Trucks and Pro Late Models have approved rules packages for the 2024 season and will
be posted on FRRC.us shortly.
-Tom talked how the FRRC is still awaiting a contract from Wisconsin International Raceway
for the upcoming season. More information in future monthly meetings.
-Information on FRRC employee meeting will be coming. If you are interested in working for
the FRRC please contact an officer.
-Mitch Opshal brought up the appeal process and asked that something is done to help
people understand the process. After discussion, Mike Anthony and Tim Baumann are
working on writing out the process to be added to the procedures.
-Scott Wolf, Ethan Beattie and other drivers brought up the Red White and Blue races and
wanted to make sure it was in the WIR contact. Also, the importance of who pays for what
and what is the track damages. Discussion was had and more will be known after the contract
is presented.
-Lowell Bennette, wanted to have the club look at two rules Slinger have to avoid wrecking
for the win and video proof to over rule a call on the track. Rob said he will reach out and get
information on these to bring to the next monthly meeting.
-Brian Henry brought up that we all need to try to help travelers to know when or where they
need to be. He brought up an instance where someone missed qualifying order. Braison
Bennette and Tara Springstroh brought up possible solutions. Marty said that he would be
able to help this upcoming season.
-Josh Visser brought up the importance of keeping a lane open for cars pitting in the outer
pits versus the inner pits. Trying to set up a procedure so that we can move the trailers and
pay the entrance. The officers will be looking into this in future monthly meetings.
Ethan Beattie and Scott Wolf made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was
seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.
Super Late Models have a break out meeting on the Unified Super rules package.

** February 26 th Colonial House in Freedom at 7pm