October 2023 Meeting Notes

DATE: Monday, October 23, 2023 TIME: 7 pm

PLACE: Meeting took place at the Colonial House in Freedom President Tom Hockers called the meeting to order a 7:00 pm

Secretary’s Report: Secretary’s Report has been posted on our website: www. frrc.us . Clint Smith asked if there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report. If so, please raise your hand or e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at cbsracingclintman@gmail.com

Motion to accept made by Ethan Beattie. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.

Marty Nussbaum provided the Treasurer’s financial report. Please see Marty for specific details on numbers. Motion to accept made by Josh Anthony. The motion was seconded. No objections were made and the motion passed.


  • Reminder-The Banquet is January 20th at Colonial House; Sponsors needed. -Please see Sarah Gilbert after the meeting. Pay will come in November via direct deposit.
  • Additional Nominations for President and Secretary; thus far we have

President—Nominated and Accepted Nominations: Tom Hockers
Other nominations as write ins: NONE


Secretary—Nominated and Accepted nomination —-Rob Thomson
Other nominations as write ins: NONE


  • Nobody else is running. Judi Monday made a motion to skip paper ballots and do a raise of hands vote Seconded by Ethan Beattie.
    In favor: Everyone
    Opposed: nobody

Therefore Tom Hockers is the President from 2023-2025 and Rob Thomson is the Secretary from 2023-2025

  • W.I.R. meeting: topics—

FRRC is back in 2024; Front gate rate still at $13;

RWB-Danny would be willing to waive 1⁄2 the rent (a reduced sponsorship.) This part was discussed by membership. (example: last year we lost $3,123 for the Blue race)
Race time: W.I.R. wants every show to be at LEAST 3 hours….so, if we start at 6:30pm, it needs to end at 9:30pm or later.

Containers: We will be working with Danny on this and if he doesn’t want to use them for spotter’s stands, we have a use for ours as a pit office and storage.
Bathrooms: FRRC requested making sure hand sanitizers and soap at a bare minimum. Tom is going to evaluate this in spring.

Outer pits: Ethan working with Dan on some improvements Corey Manders: Will be meeting with Dan in November.
A bar in the pits for after the races was brought up.

Judi suggested taking down the tree and have the stands in dog leg for spotters and 1⁄4 mile pit members in the top row and move the fence.

Brian Henry would like to still consider using the container for a spotter stand.


  • Divisional rules meetings should have taken place and recommendations can be read of at the November meeting for voting. Each will be read off in November. Josh Anthony said the Figure eight rules won’t change and Josh will stay the representative.
  • Dylan Wenzel and the hammer incident. FRRC is kind of done with people making light of the incident. There is a video of this incident which could be shown and this shows this was NO JOKE. If this continues to be a joke, we may consider extending the suspension beyond what it currently is. Anyone that wants to see it can request to view it. Larry Raygo suggested sending him a certified warning letter/made a motion. It was seconded.
  • Length of 2024 Season: ADVISORY VOTE: If 16 weeks (5/16/24—8/29/24) If 15 weeks (5/23/24—8/29/24)

    Ethan suggested starting May 16th and taking the Thursday Night off for the week of the Gandrud race for the half mile and only race 1⁄4 mile that night.
    It was suggested we make a poll on the Facebook page on whether we should do a 1⁄4 mile only night the week of the Stan Race and the TVR race.
  • Don Van Oudenhoven asked to see the financials for what we pay to W.I.R. A breakdown of that for the next month. Judi will create a binder for every week.
  • Clint gave a short goodbye speech.

Motion made to adjourn by Ethan Beattie. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

President Tom Hockers adjourned the meeting at 7:57 pm

Next meeting will be Monday, November 27th at Colonial House at 7pm