November Meeting Notes

DATE: Monday, November 29, 2021 TIME: 7 pm
PLACE: Meeting took place at Colonial House in Freedom.
President Rob Vandermoss called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm
Secretary’s Report: Clint Smith asked if there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report which was posted on our website: www. If so, please e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at HYPERLINK “”

Motion to accept made by Ed Howard. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with “aye” votes.

Clint Smith provided a brief Treasurer’s financial report. (Marty was out ill) Motion to accept made by Braison Bennett. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with “aye” votes


Additional Nominations for Vice-President; thus far we have

President—Nominated and Accepted Nominations: Ed Howard; Jim Duchow; Rob Thomson; Evan Beattie
Also nominated, declined and has since decided to accept the nomination via a Write in): Larry MacArthur

Additional Write In Nominations: None

All accepted candidates gave short speeches as to why they feel members should vote for the VP position.

We moved into new business while the votes were counted.


A few divisional reps presented a status update on their rule changes. Rob would like all 4 officers to be able to review these proposed rule changes before an official vote is done and/or motion is made on any of these changes.

Figure Eights: Josh Anthony read off the suggested rule changes for Figure Eights. Please see Josh for the proposed changes. There was some discontent on one of the rules.

Sizzlin 4: Mitch Opsahl read off the proposed rule changes. Rob Vandermoss suggested discussing with the officers some of these changes to explain the reason behind them after the general meeting.

Super Stocks: Clint Smith read the 2 proposed changes. No objections were voiced.

Late Model: Brian Henry read off proposed rule changes thus far….There is another meeting set for 12/07/2021 to further discuss these proposed changes.

Super Late Models: Mike Anthony read off proposed rule changes: The main issue was motor weights. See Mike for specifics. Lowell Bennett and Scott Vanden Huevel had some questions on a couple things and perhaps an additional meeting might need to take place. Mike will reach out to teams.

The goal is to have all division’s rules finalized and voted on at the January 2022 meeting.

Length of season: Rob read off an update on the current pavilion sponsors (15 weeks or 16 weeks) (start date, end date): The general feeling was 16 weeks is fine, as there are typically 1-3 rainouts. Advisory vote 39 votes for 16 weeks; 2 votes for 15 week season. Could be adjusted based on covid conditions.

Previously tabled topic for discussion: Increases at top gate, back gate, membership (Kurt Schweitzer) not present, but it was tabled from last month so it was brought up for discussion. It was brought up that raising the gate might affect fan count, but the cost of inflation has made the price go up everywhere for everything. There were very different opinions about this. Some statistics were read off on other local tracks car counts and top gate prices. Back gate prices are less than any other track in the area. It was also brought up that we should consider increasing the membership fee from $30 to $50 as this price hasn’t changed since the 1990’s. There was a lot of differing opinions about raising prices. Another suggestion was charging more for different premier seating. Lots of things to consider. We do not pay W.I.R. commission % for membership fees. Larry MacArthur suggested more fan giveaways.

Previously tabled topic for discussion: Procedure for points fund allocation being based off 16 cars in each (Larry Raygo)-Larry not present-tabled to January meeting.


Dylan Wenzel brought up he would like to see the ¼ Mile LM Division become a full FRRC division. Rob had mentioned we would have to re-visit the agreement, discuss it as a club and possibly re-vote on.

A topic was brought up by Emery Beattie about considering moving the rovals to the end of the show. We can get in to discussing it after we have all 4 officers in place. Rob mentioned there was spectator value in rovals. Larry M. says they need more safety precautions put into place. Rovals also tear up the grass and bring dirt on the track. Braison Bennett also brought up most entry level divisions at most tracks run that division last at the end of the night. Several members voiced that the rovals going at the end of the program makes a lot of sense.

Rob mentioned that National Anthem will start at 6.25pm and we plan to start the show RIGHT AT 6:30pm…We also might consider a new placement for safety, so less moving all the time…only moving the flagman and spotters. We need to keep the show moving at a brisk pace.

Judi Monday mentioned there are a lot of drivers who have uncashed checks…PLEASE cash them before the end of the season. Address changes need to get to Marty or Judi for proper sending out of 1099’s

Suggestion for moving back the 4 cylinder qualifying and/or lining up by points. Rob suggested if the division wanted to vote for no qualifying to save time, we can consider that.

Andy Monday brought up if there was a chance we could move around the White race to the Thursday before the ARCA race. If we did that it would be July 28th…Rob has to look into that with sponsors to see if it could be adjusted. We could also consider a one night special event “Prelude to the Dixieland” sort of race. It was questioned if we get an extra sponsor, why wouldn’t all the cars get a % of the extra payout. Rob mentioned that if another division can come up with a special night (like the Stan Night) we will listen. Braison suggested asking Greg (ARCA) if the feature winner from that night could have a provisional spot in the Dixieland.

Judi suggested making each division the featured division with interviews and other things for that special division on different nights. Maybe have a featured division each week in the Club Spotlight, whether it be on Facebook, etc.

POWAR Meeting notes: Rob attended and took some notes on some changes that were suggested: Safety Training; Lots of prepaid tickets and prepaid competitors; Direct Deposit options; Weather specialist for $900 a year-Greg McKarns does this; Bar Code reader for tires- The program was very reasonable-only $400. (Lots of good feedback on the bar code reader program for tires.)

Voting Results for V.P.:

Larry MacArthur: 21
Ed Howard: 20
Rob Thomson: 12
Jim Duchow: 7
Evan Beattie: 6

Motion made to adjourn by Dave Valentyne. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

President Rob Vandermoss adjourned the meeting at: 9:10 pm

Next meeting will be January 24th, 2022 at Colonial House.