September 2021

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DATE:       Monday, September 27, 2021                            TIME:  7 pm

PLACE:  Meeting took place at W.I.R. in Dick Trickle Pavilion.

President Kurt Schweitzer called the meeting to order at    7:01 pm

Secretary’s Report: Clint Smith asked it there are any additions and/or corrections recommended to the Secretary’s Report which was posted on our website: www. If so, please e-mail Secretary Clint Smith at

Motion to accept made by Larry MacArthur. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with “aye” votes.

Marty Nussbaum provided a brief Treasurer’s financial report.  Motion to accept made by              

 Randy Schuler. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously with “aye” votes


  • Thanks for a great season (Year in Review) Kurt felt the banquet/awards show was less than we were hoping for. Weather didn’t help the event. Dave Stammer asked about the scoreboard if there is a better way to protect it. Danny VD mentioned it is VERY pricey.
  • Additional Nominations for President and Secretary; thus far we have

President—Nominated and Accepted Nominations:  Michelle Kemkes, Larry MacArthur, Randy Boegh, Ed Howard

Other nominations: Steve Giese-declined; Mike Anthony-declined

New nominations: Rob Vandermoss nominated and accepted. Jerry Schneider nominated…we will reach out to him to ask.


Secretary—Nominated and Accepted nomination —-Clint Smith

Other nominations: Justin Smith-undecided

New nominations: none.


We will still accept write-in candidates at the October meeting, but right after reading off our previous meeting minutes at that meeting, we will be voting and electing our new officers.


  • Divisions should already be planning for 2022 rule updates.  The officers will provide input in the first meeting held by each division, then the rules package should be presented back to the officers prior to presenting them to the club body in the November meeting.
  • Any suggestions for the officers to discuss on GENERAL non-divisional rules changes;

             No decisions will be made tonight…just collecting ideas for discussing during the winter.

  • Scott VH thinks that we are rushing the rule changes and thinks we should finalize the rules in January. Most felt that we will wait until January to finalize, but will start on them right away. 
  • Plan at this time is to do an in person meeting for the October meeting—location TBD Kurt suggested forming a banquet committee…Rob felt we should  look into a banquet hall that will also host meetings. Feedback from Mike Anthony was the tents were too small for the outside awards….Dave Stammer volunteered to be on the committee. We may also reach out to people on Facebook to set up a committee. Aaron Neverman said his wife Casey is willing to help. Rob will check with Colonial House for the October meeting…
  • Circle of Fame update (Jerry Schneider)-tentative….Jerry is ill and cannot make it tonight. He will come next month.
  • Farmer came up front and talked about parking. Too many people parking in the pits that don’t belong down there. Better policing needs to be done next year. Dave Stammer suggested making an extra driveway. Another option is to hand the hauler drivers license and everyone else hops out and pays if a traveler…and a hauler pass for each season pass competitor. We would like to make a motion next month to do that.
  • Mike King Jr. has resigned from being the LM Rep, so a new rep will need to be voted in

              during the LM rules meeting.

  • Pit parking for next year….Please come up if you want the stall you had last year or talk to Mike Anthony.


  • Brian Randerson volunteered to set up the first rules meeting and then decide at that meeting who the rep is. Brian Henry suggested there are more than one rep for each division and just one person on the BOD. This is a great idea and 3 is a good number. Rob mentioned another idea of having only 1 ½ mile rep and 1 ¼ mile rep on the actual BOD. Rob also suggested that every time there was an issue, it should not involve the BOD every time.
  • Larry MacArthur suggested that the rules need to be firmed up and then we back up the tech inspectors. Officers agree, but there are still too many grey areas in the current rulebook.
  • Complaints were brought up that the officers allowed a traveler to practice on a Thursday night, which was not following what was voted on. The officers made a call based on what we thought was the best interest of the club.
  • Dylan Wenzel suggested that things are handled better with teching in 2022. Officers suggested the QMLM had their own tech inspector. Rob Vandermoss suggested if drivers in that division want to go all club and be a FULL club class, then they have to vote on how they want that structure to look. Kurt added that the current QMLM board collects a lot of sponsorship money and the FRRC really only gives $50 per car per night.
  • Ricky Kaufert suggested getting rid of team drivers. Consider a substitute for up to 2 nights only. A new rule for sizzlin’ 4 division should be brought up.
  • Mitchell Opsahl suggested the claim rule needs to be cleaned up in the sizzlin 4 class.
  • Dave Stammer asked about putting soap be the sink in the pits. He also asked about hand sanitizer in the pits.

Motion made to adjourn by Marty Nussbaum. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Kurt Schweitzer Adjourned the meeting at: 8:17 pm            

Next meeting will be the 4th Monday in October—October 25th, 2021 Location TBD….likely at Colonial House.